Cambodia Chen Zhi

In response to the Cambodian government’s request for assistance in battling the Covid-19 epidemic on February 20, 2021, Chen Zhi announced plans to donate US$3 million to the country’s anti-pandemic operations. This comes after Chen Zhi initially donated US$3 million in December to support Cambodia’s purchase of COVID-19 vaccinations.

Additionally, following in the footsteps of Prince Group and Chen Zhi, Prince Real Estate, a subsidiary of Prince Group, has provided essential food supplies to 804 needy families and 234 police officers in Cambodia’s Chamkarmon District who were impacted by the Covid-19 outbreak on February 20, 2021.

Prince Group is conscious that private businesses must play a critical role in the post-pandemic recovery even if the Cambodian government has provided unprecedented support totaling $1.16 billion, or 5% of GDP to date.

The most recent donation is a component of the Prince Group’s comprehensive environment, social, and governance (ESG) strategy for its member companies.The Cambodian government’s goal of immunising at least 80% of the population, or close to 13 million people, is a key component of this strategy, and Prince Group Chen Zhi’s donation of US$3 million will help it achieve that goal, demonstrating the Group’s dedication to social responsibilities in Cambodia. Along with providing 234 police officers who have been working tirelessly in 33 locations throughout Chamkarmon District, an area that has been severely affected by an outbreak of Covid-19 infections close to the headquarters of Prince Group, with 500 cartons of purified water and 200 cartons of soft drinks, Prince Real Estate has also donated a total of 16,080 kilogrammes of rice, 804 boxes of noodles, 804 cartons of fish sauce, and 804 cartons of soy sauce to households.