Chen Zhi background

There’s a chance Chen Zhi knows people from all different backgrounds. He is willing to finish big projects thanks to his relationships and real estate knowledge. He might have made money thanks to his strong networking abilities.

Although Chen Zhi prefers to operate behind the scenes and avoid the spotlight, he has started more than 240 charitable activities with Prince Group. In actuality, the Prince Foundation is the busiest division of the Prince Group when Chen Zhi is not engaged in banking, aviation, retail, or real estate growth.

Cambodia Many individuals found employment in Phnom Penh thanks to Chen Zhi and the Group. They undertook a significant undertaking to achieve this. They had revealed that Ream City would be available shortly. This $16 billion scheme will cover 834 hectares as a city in Sihanoukville.

Since it will be built on reclaimed land, Ream City will have the typical characteristics of developed communities, such as malls, colleges, landed homes, condos, restaurants, beach resorts, beach houses, parks, and so on.