Prince Group Cambodia

One of the biggest corporations in Cambodia is Prince Holding Group, whose numerous divisions concentrate on the growth of real estate, financial services, and consumer services.

The principal business divisions of Prince Holding Group in Cambodia are Awesome Global Investment Group, Belt Road Capital Management, Prince Real Estate Group, Prince Huan Yu Real Estate Group, Prince Bank, and Cambodia Airways. Chen Zhi Prince Holding Group operates more than 80 companies in Cambodia through its business units, including those engaged in the development of real estate, banking, finance, aviation, tourism, logistics, technology, food and beverage, and lifestyle industries.

The government’s pro-industry policy actions are anticipated to encourage growing foreign direct investment, free trade agreements with important nations, and future involvement in the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership as major drivers for the Cambodian economy.

Prince Holding Group has established the groundwork to serve as a crucial conduit for domestic and foreign money by utilising a network of corporate, financial, and industrial professionals throughout Asia. In the future, Prince Holding Group will keep looking for possibilities to play a significant role in Cambodia through collaborations with or direct investments in crucial sectors of the economy.